Monday 20 November 2017

Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds arena tour in 2018

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Jeff Wayne’s acclaimed musical version of The War of the Worlds, the flame-throwing Martian Fighting Machines are back on tour in 2018.

Jeff Wayne said: "In June 1978 my original double album was released. I had no idea if it would vanish as quickly as one can say… 'ULLAdubULLA!' But here I am today, soon to be celebrating its 40th anniversary throughout 2018, culminating in what I believe will be the most exciting arena tour we've ever performed. No one would have believed…"

H.G. Well’s Martian invasion of Earth is an allegorical commentary on cultural imperialism and Wayne’s album was my gateway into Victorian literature. Whilst I've owned the album on countless formats, nothing will eclipse the treasured childhood memory of listening to the double vinyl LP, borrowed from a friend's dad, on a mono Pye record player (owned by my late mum). Coincidentally, Marvel UK ran a comic book adaptation in the pages of Doctor Who Weekly.

Sony is re-releasing the original double LP this January. Remastered for a superior audio experience, it also includes the original double gatefold with 16-page booklet containing the full script, lyrics, original paintings and credits. Wayne's recording would win innumerable prestigious awards including the best recording in Science Fiction and Fantasy (the judges included George Lucas and Steven Spielberg). Pre-order from Amazon today.

Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds arena tour will head to Brighton, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Liverpool, Cardiff and more in 2018. Tour info and to book tickets.

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