Sunday 29 September 2019

BBC brings The War of the Worlds spectacularly to life

The BBC has released a spectacular trailer for its upcoming 3-part live-action adaptation of HG Wells' classic sci-fi novel The War of the Worlds.

There have been several lauded adaptations of Wells' visionary work - from radio to the silver screen. Jeff Wayne's musical version was my gateway in the late seventies and I've always yearned for a live-action adaptation set in Edwardian England. The BBC's Tripods trilogy scratched that itch in the eighties but remains unfinished.

So, when news broke the BBC was embarking on an ambitious live-action miniseries, my interest was piqued to the nth degree. Then all went quiet as though the production had been silenced by a Martian heat ray...

Peter Harness, who adapted Wells' novel for the BBC, said: "There is nothing cosy or predictable about Wells’ novel, and that’s what I want to capture in the show.

‘We have an incredible cast, a brilliant director and a wonderful crew – and I can’t wait for them to explode the terrifying story of the first alien invasion on to our screens."

The War of the Worlds airs on BBC One this autumn.

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