Friday 10 April 2020

Disney+ surpasses 50 million subscribers

Disney+ has surpassed 50 million paid subscribers since launch last November.

The House of Mouse's nascent streaming service is buoyed by launching in new markets this year and the global lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic. The closure of cinemas has witnessed a surge in streaming with The Walt Disney Company releasing Frozen 2 and Onward early on Disney+.

Artemis Fowl will be skipping cinemas entirely and heading directly to homes soon. Former Disney CEO Bob Iger teased more movies may go directly to Disney+.

“In terms of movies going ahead after ‘Artemis,’ there may be a few more that we end up putting directly onto Disney+, but for the most part a lot of the big tentpole Disney films, we’ll simply wait for slots. In some cases, we’ve announced new ones already, but later on in the calendar,” Iger told Barron’s on Tuesday.

"What Disney+ has achieved in five months took Netflix seven years," said Chris Fenton, a movie industry analyst. "Disney+ possesses all the ammunition needed to surpass Netflix, and it also has the potential bazooka of China. If any American streaming service can gain access to the 1.4 billion people of China, it's Disney+."

The Force Friday double bill, featuring The Mandalorian and The Clone Wars, is a weekly treat.

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