Thursday 6 January 2022

Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock on Apple TV+

As I've written previously, one of my most enduring childhood memories (as I underwent years of rehabilitation following a life-changing head injury) is of watching Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock at my late Canadian grandmother's house after school - where I watched The Krotons during the fabled The Five Faces of Doctor Who season of repeats.

She would always pour me a glass of orange juice and I'd have a choice of biscuit (usually choosing a Jammie Dodger years before Doctor Who made them cool again). So, I'm looking forward to seeing Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock on Apple TV+.

Read the official synopsis:

"Jim Henson’s fun-loving, musical Fraggles are back! Join Gobo, Red, Wembley, Mokey, Boober, and new Fraggle friends on hilarious, epic adventures about the magic that happens when we celebrate and care for our interconnected world."

What are your childhood memories of watching Fraggle Rock? Let me know in the comments below.

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