Sunday 30 October 2022

Robosen Optimus Prime on Hasbro Pulse UK

During the 1027 Hasbro Pulse Premium Event, the Pawtucket-based company announced the official UK availability of the most advanced Transformers toy in history for the holidays.

Robosen Flagship Optimus Prime is a limited edition app-enabled robot that would make my Tomy Omnibot blush with envy, which was first released in the US for $700 in 2021.

Robosen Flagship Optimus Prime is available for pre-order from Hasbro Pulse UK to coincide with MCM London Comic Con! £999GBP is too much during a cost of living crisis. However, a slightly more affordable Elite edition has been announced for the US, too.

"We are excited to bring this lighter, more compact Optimus Prime to fans of the franchise," Sean Tang, director of Robosen USA, said in a statement.

"The re-engineered scale offers a smooth, fast conversion, making the Elite Optimus Prime more agile and speedy," he continued, "which we're thrilled to once again bring to life for all our fans and customers, through our collaboration with Hasbro."

12-year-old me would be awestruck unboxing Robosen Flagship Optimus Prime on Christmas Day.

What do you think? Would you spend £999 on a robotic transforming Optimus Prime? Let me know in the comments below.

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