Saturday 29 June 2024

Bring home the Doctor and Ruby's adventures

Doctor Who season one concluded with the mystery of Ruby Sunday's (Millie Gibson) biological mother resolved and the Doctor's (Ncuti Gatwa) departure. However, UK-based fans can look forward to the Blu-ray disc set this August.

Read the official season one synopsis:

“The Doctor and his companion Ruby Sunday travel across time and space, with adventures all the way from the Regency era in England, to war-torn future worlds. Throughout their adventures in the TARDIS – a time-traveling ship shaped like a police box – they encounter incredible friends and dangerous foes, including a terrifying bogeyman, and the Doctor’s most powerful enemy yet.”

Season one includes the following content per disc:

Disc 1

The Church on Ruby Road


Doctor Who: Unleashed
Behind the Scenes
In-vision Commentary
Millie Gibson’s Set Tour
Behind the Scenes Trailer
Get to Know Doctor Who – with Ncuti Gatwa
Get to Know Doctor Who – with Millie Gibson

Disc 2

Ep1 – Space Babies
Ep2 – The Devil’s Chord


Space Babies – Behind the Scenes
The Devil’s Chord – Behind the Scenes
The Devil’s Chord – Scene Breakdown
Ncuti’s Message
Video of a Bogeyman – Video Diary
Finding Fifteen
Jinkx Monsoon tries British food
Millie Gibson’s Set Tour
Jinkx Monsoon – The Looks of Maestro

Disc 3

Ep3 – Boom
Ep4 – 73 Yards


Boom In-vision Commentary
Boom – Behind the Scenes
73 Yards – Behind the Scenes
Ncuti & Millie’s Guide to Get Your Zen On
Steven Moffat preview
Bringing Virtual Production to Doctor Who
Mundy Flynn Profile
Boom – Script to Screen
Welsh Lingo with Ncuti & Millie
Roger Ap Gwilliam Profile
Millie Gibson’s Very First Day – Video Diary

Disc 4

Ep5 – Dot and Bubble
Ep6 – Rogue


Dot and Bubble – Behind the Scenes
Dot and Bubble – Scene Breakdown
Rogue – Behind the Scenes
Rogue – Scene Breakdown
Ncuti & Millie’s Top 5 People in Their Bubble
Lindy Pepper-Bean Profile Sneak into the TARDIS
Dot and Bubble Set Tour
Regency Costume Quiz with Jonathan Groff
Most Likely To…with Ncuti & Millie
Rogue Profile
Getting to Know – Jonathan Groff
Rogue Dance Scene

Disc 5

Ep7 – The Legend of Ruby Sunday
Ep8 – Empire of Death


Empire of Death In-vision Commentary
The Legend of Ruby Sunday – Behind the Scenes
Empire of Death – Behind the Scenes
Empire of Death – Scene Breakdown
Jemma Redgrave’s UNIT Set Tour
Who is Susan Triad?
Villain Reveal
Getting to Know – Lenny Rush
Empire of Death – Script to Screen
Bonnie’s Remembered TARDIS Tour
Ncuti & Millie’s Favourite Memories
Genesis in the TARDIS

Disc 6

Doctor Who: Unleashed Eps 1-5

Disc 7

Doctor Who: Unleashed Eps 6-8
Doctor Who: Unleashed Unseen
Tales of the TARDIS – The Pyramids of Mars

Doctor Who is available to stream on BBC iPlayer and Disney+ outside the UK and Ireland. Season one is available for pre-order (affiliate link).

Have you watched Doctor Who season one? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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