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Wednesday, 18 January 2006


This isn't an advertising spot for Donna Karan New York (DKNY). Those with a discerning eye will have noticed that all posts now support 'add to and Furl It' social bookmarking!

Social bookmarking is gaining mainstream momentum, enabling consumers to keep, share and discover links, and complements RSS.

The last few days I've exhausted my leisure time researching different methods of integrating social bookmarking: manual and automated. Whilst manual editing affords customization, automation was a priority given that there are nearly 400 archived pages, making the former method unrealistic, and it's the superior option going forward! So, undaunted I searched Google and result.

My next quest is to research and implement Technorati tags transparently.

Wednesday, 26 May 2004

Knights Of The Magical Light

Just completing the audit for my first ever DVD-R backup! This is tedious, but best practise as I can finally shelve my vast CD-ROM collection and reclaim valuable shelf space!

Collectors of 80's animated series should consider Visionaries: Knights Of The Magical Light (R2 DVD)! Visionaries joined a long line of Hasbro toy licences, that garnered successful cartoon spin-offs!

Hasbro's The Transformers (arguably the greatest toy line ever) were a staple of my childhood! Memories of watching Megatron, Optimus Prime and Starscream remain vividly fresh - albeit "blighted" by Timmy Mallet (who gave Mike Myers his first break)! And it's a testament to the endurance of the toys, that the newly released Transformers game, developed by 80s powerhouse Melbourne House (now an internal development studio of Atari), has garnered critical acclaim in the press!

Purchased a new pair of Nike Shox trainers (or sneakers as my late Canadian Nan would say). Still prefer DKNY, which I haven't seen since my last trip to Covent Garden, London.