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Sunday, 24 August 2008

Multimedia Memorial

Last week, whilst working on my mother's memorial project at Lucerne House Care Centre, Exeter, I had the notion that an ASUS Eee PC maybe an excellent enabling device for people with physical disabilities! With its shockproof Solid State Drive (SSD) design, users are able to enjoy stable and reliable computing on-the-go; while up to 8 hours of battery life and high speed 802.11n connectivity make it the ideal portable.

With the above in mind, I'm going to use this post as a soapbox and invite ASUS to contact me concerning the possibility of donating an ASUS Eee PC. I am prepared to mention ASUS, or any memorial project sponsor for that matter, in all subsequent press coverage - I intend to approach local and national newspapers with a most positive nursing home story.

Multimedia Memorial

A resident with the custom installation team from shop@Panasonic, Harlequins Centre, Exeter.

The plasma television forms part of my mother's memorial project, which is a work-in-progress! I have also donated a Nintendo Wii, PC and widescreen monitor amongst other equipment.

Special thanks to shop@Panasonic for donating a plasma television wall mount bracket and their time for free!

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Mothering Sunday

This is the first ever Mothering Sunday sans my mum! She died, last summer (link to obituary notice), under most tragic circumstances culminating in an out of court settlement with the RD&E NHS Foundation Trust Hospital! The Chief Executive apologised for any deficiencies in my mother's care! My father and myself consented to samples of my mother's brain and lungs being retained for teaching and medical purposes. This post will not address medico-legal matters - they were reported, independently, in the online and offline press - but, instead, concentrates on my mother's enduring legacy...

Christmas with Mum & Dad

What follows is a transcript of my article, written for Lucerne House's The Home Front newsletter, regarding the inception of my mother's computer-based memorial (funded by donations from family, friends and business acquaintances).

Margaret’s Memorial
Written by John Hood

At the start of January, Paul wrote to Robin, my dad, and me with the excellent suggestion that the donations, made to Lucerne House Care Centre, in memory of Margaret, my mum, be used to fund equipment for the computer room on Alphinbrook Unit!

In view of my computer expertise, not only will I be able to provide input, with Paul’s support, on suggested computer peripherals to provide assistive technology for residents. But, I will also be able to offer bespoke training to each resident, who wishes to use the computer (including setting up e-mail addresses, etc), over the coming weeks and months… I’ll speak to each resident, individually, about this.

Dad and I have already donated a 22” Samsung widescreen monitor, which I installed in January, with Les’ help, and this can be viewed on Alphinbrook! I’m most certain that Rona - Resident Roving Reporter - will be more than delighted to show-off her superlative Solitaire and creative visual skills on the big screen!

Stay tuned for further updates, regarding the computer-based memorial, in future issues of The Home Front!

I will continue to post further newsletter transcripts. It is my intention to broach the subject of my mother's memorial, at Lucerne House, to the local press, in the hope that they may wish to report on it!

In addition to the memorial. We're also donating a Nintendo Wii to the Young People with Disabilities (YPD) unit! Broadly speaking, Nintendo's interface paradigm opens up a galaxy of interactivity to individuals whom, otherwise, could be precluded from positive gaming experiences.

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Obituary notice

This is a transcript of my mother's obituary notice, which I wrote, as it appears in today's edition of Express & Echo newspaper:

Hood, Margaret NeƩ Woodland

On Friday June 8th 2007 our leading lady, wife, mum and best friend died aged 65 at the RD&E Hospital, Wonford.

Loving wife to Robin, devoted mum to John, beloved sister to Sidney, Norman, Brenda and Allan, cherished sister-in-law to Kathleen, Marion, Alan and Julian, treasured Auntie to Alison, Andrew, Claire, Hazel and Hayley, greatly loved daughter-in-law to Cecil.

Special thanks to all the nursing and care staff at Mardon Neuro-Rehabilitation Centre, Mardon House, Wonford and Lucerne House Care Centre, Alphington.

The funeral service is to be held at Alphington Parish Church on Monday 9TH July at 1:00pm, followed by a private cremation service.

Flowers for Margaret and/or donations to Lucerne House Fund Raising, which enhances the quality of life, for the residents of Lucerne House, and provides access to the community for example trips to the National Trust’s Killerton House.

Donations may be given by retiring collection or cheques made payable to 'Lucerne House Fund Raising' and flowers may be sent C/o Co-op Funeralcare, 119 Cowick Street, St. Thomas, Exeter, EX4 1JD.

Wednesday, 18 May 2005

A Design For Life

Of all the next generation games consoles launched at E3. PlayStation 3 is a paragon of form and function. From the smooth eye candy curves to Mata font (used in the Spider-Man movie franchise), the new machine is a sociological statement that underscores Sony's dominance of the console market.

Earlier today I attended The Grand Opening of the Alphinbrook Unit at Lucerne House. The event was presided over by corporate dignitaries and the Mayor of Exeter. The media arrived, late in the day, so Dad and I had no opportunity to make their acquaintance! "Hi, I'm John. I used to work at Reuters and was recently approached by Bloomberg. However, due to personal reasons..."

Sunday, 25 July 2004

Episode III

On Saturday, as Dad and me embarked on the emotional odyssey of transferring Mum's personal effects from Mardon to Lucerne House, Lucasfilm officially unveiled the title of the final Star Wars movie at Comic-Con International.

There's a symmetry to this title, which underscores George Lucas' narrative technique of repeating threads with different intonations. And Return of the Jedi was initially announced as Revenge in '83.

In a nutshell the title rocks!

Saturday, 17 July 2004

Happy Birthday Dad

Today we're celebrating my Dad's birthday and taking life easy (a very rare luxury). My Auntie Marion (and family) are here on vacation and meeting us at Mardon Neuro-Rehabilitation Centre (where my Mum has spent the past 8 months of her life).

Mum is moving to Lucerne House midweek. This will be for ever. For ever. Seeing it in type hits hard, but having Mum alive is a gift. Hope is underestimated...