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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Atari's Greatest Hits on the App Store

Early this morning Atari unleashed the most significant retro gaming collection onto the App Store! Why? A generation of video gamers cut their teeth on the Atari 2600 VCS.

For a modest outlay you can own a hundred of Atari's classic arcade and cartridge-based video games or purchase themed packs, which is much more expensive. Plus you get Pong for free and there's an Aladdin's cave of multimedia memorabilia, including arcade cabinet art and flyers, to explore.

I won't list all the gaming gems, but you'll find Yar's Revenge, Combat, Crystal Castles, and, my favourite, Star Raiders (remember the game controller pack-in?) in all their anti-aliased glory on Retina display devices.

Atari has made a big splash in the portable gaming space with this collection. If successful, I hope the company considers releasing a Lynx emulator in the not too distant future.

Atari has raised the bar on how to package games for the App Store. Over to you Sega...

Atari's Greatest Hits (iTunes)