Tuesday 13 July 2004

Cool collectibles

When I'm not beta testing software, writing game reviews for IMG or creating new content for my site, I collect TV and Movie memorabilia! Cool collectibles such as diecast models from Corgi are no longer considered just for boys. Baby boomers are nostalgic for high value products from Dr Who to Thunderbirds.

Corgi's brand new range of Batman collectibles celebrates more than 60 years of what has been DC Comics' most enduring creation. Replicated under license to 1:43 scale, each of the five models offers working features such as opening bonnet showing engine detail, moulded Batman figure, spring-loaded opening wings (Batmarine) and transparent canopy cover. This series ranges from the earliest days (1940) to the turbo-charged 2004 Batmobile. 1960 Batmobile is my favourite diecast model car of all time. In the '70s the Batmobile and Batboat gift sets were gold dust!

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