Wednesday 16 March 2005

Mask of the Phantasm

This morning I completed a review banner for Revenge of the Sith. Originally, I intended to source a still image from the trailer (using QuickTime 6 Pro's export Movie to Picture facility), but the results were less than satisfactory (compounded by encryption). However, I happened across a superlative photo of Darth Vader to be used in a forthcoming book from DK. This is the result.

And here's the rollover. The font is based on the text that appears on Vader's chestplate, and looks to utilize the Hebrew alphabet. Translates as The Chosen One.

The official ROTS poster and marketing campaign has been a disappointment and the realization of too many cooks spoiling the broth. Drew Struzan's poster is a composite of two paintings and doesn't stand up to close scrutiny. Hopefully this is an antidote.

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