Thursday 17 March 2005

St. Patrick's Day

My Photoshop foundry houses a blazing kiln! A Revenge of the Sith favicon has been uploaded and, preserving continuity with the rollover’s text, is the number 3 in Hebrew.

Favicons are popular graphical garnishing (viewed in a compatible browser) in the web address bar and bookmarks. So, in 2003 I investigated the feasibility of creating my own favicons. Various design sites were charging around $75 ($125 same day delivery) for an icon. As a control freak there was no way I was going to part with my cash for creative that may or may not meet my expectations and couldn’t be edited. Therefore I approached web masters who either never responded to my queries or made empty promises. After a Google search I lucked upon a favicon plug-in (GPL) for Photoshop. This, coupled with expert advice from the web master of Sideshow Weta, resulted in the first favicon forged. If you’re interested in the process see here.

The news that SCEE has further delayed the release of PSP (until the summer) may lead to trauma, tantrums and shatter domestic tranquility. Sony is citing a production limitation, which is a euphemism for shipping inventory, destined for Europe, to the USA. To anyone from SCEE that may read this, I'd be more than happy to receive a review sample. Thanks in advance.

Was the leaked new Doctor Who episode ingenious viral marketing?

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