Sunday 5 June 2005

Hollow Pursuits

Quake 3 game engine titles were overstocked in Exeter's Comet store. I grabbed shrink-wrapped copies of Star Trek: Elite Force II and Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast from the sale bin!

Elite Force II has proved popular in the Hood household. Against my better judgment, the notion of engaging Romulans, Borg et al in savage battle is cathartic and evokes memories of ST:TNG S1 to S3. The franchise translates to the FPS genre with relative ease aided by sterling performances from the original cast. The seamless cut scenes (rendered using the game engine) mimic the cinematography of First Contact, Aliens and Die Hard. The only distraction (and biggest gripe) are the interminable load times, which dilute the pace and drama. Next Saturday I'll shop for Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force and Black & White (including Creature Isle expansion pack).

Episode 11 of Doctor Who S1, Boom Town, was a pleasure to watch. And the trailer for episode 12, poking fun at 'reality and general knowledge shows', was fantastic! Did anyone say Daleks?

Tomorrow WWDC 2005 starts. New iPods and iBooks are a given. Without the distraction of 10.5, 10.4 will receive the attention it richly deserves and is Intel really coming to a Mac near you? In the words of Captain Jean-Luc Picard "Lets see what's out there" (Encounter at Farpoint Part 2).

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