Monday 12 September 2005

Battle Of The Planets

Growing up did you ever have a crush on a cartoon character? Mine was Princess from Battle Of The Planets! And I'm so glad to have held-off purchasing the R2 DVD set. The R1 edition (from Rhino) boasts both the US version (familiar with most children of the 70's and 80's) and original Japanese source Gatchaman. Here's the Rhino PR blurb:

From the award-winning Japanese animation team that created Speed Racer and Robotech comes one of the most influential Anime shows ever! This four-DVD boxed set features 12 original, uncut and unedited episodes. Bonus features include 12 original, uncut and unedited Japanese Gatchaman episodes with English subtitles (each corresponding to a Battle Of The Planets show in the boxed set), as well as interviews, commentary, trailers, and a memorabilia gallery.

Not since the premature demise of Anime UK/FX magazine (thanks for all those cool e-mails Helen McCarthy) have I been this excited about anime. Be sure to comeback for my review of Battle Of The Planets: The Ultimate DVD Boxed Set in a few weeks.

Awkward adjunct from Fiery Phoenix to Firefox (formerly Phoenix). All weekend Firefox Beta 1 has delivered the goods (and posts too). The speed increase is worth the download alone.

By word-of-mouth I've inadvertently become an eBay expert®! Yesterday an aquaintance (whom collects and sells model trains at car boot sales) wanted to know my selling methodology (best practices). There's no secret formula per se. A tip for any aspiring eBay millionaires would be to start off as a buyer (using PayPal only) and attain positive feedback. Talking eBay. They're about to acquire Skype.

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