Wednesday 4 January 2006

The Incredibles

The Register, that custodian of cutting-edge technological reportage, recently reviewed the book droidMAKER. Written by Michael Rubin, droidMAKER chronicles the rise of Lucasfilm and emergence of Pixar (that other company owned by Steve Jobs). So, a highly literate Star Wars and an Apple Macintosh geek (like myself) gets a double dose of the really good stuff!

The author wisely made a couple of chapters freely available for download (PDF). Of particular interest is the chapter on Atari/Lucasfilm Games: the golden age of 8-bit gaming (listening to A-Ha's The Sun Always Shines On TV whilst loading the Commodore 64 port of Koronis Rift).

Here's a link to the droidMAKER Tour, you're on your own from there! I'll be reviewing droidMAKER following coverage of MWSF 2006.

Still Bay Area-related. In the early-to-mid 1990s the official Lucasfilm magazine and Dark Horse Comics published my scribes (a thrill for any discerning fan). I'll scan my Lucasfilm letter in the future. However, you can download part one of two Dark Horse Comics' Stellar Scribes letters - prequel musings and classic comic reprints. Excuse the quality, but these PDFs were taken from archived JPEG scans!

For those of you wondering why I'm not linking to both Dark Horse letters? The RSS 2.0 specification only allows for one enclosure per posting. Therefore part two (classic comic reprints) will garner its own post shortly.

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