Wednesday 29 March 2006

Han & Chewie Combined!

This post was originally published on my new blog. However, this Star Wars item was just too awesome to pass up a reprint here!

Initial reaction to the first wave of Hasbro's Star Wars Transformers line was one of unfettered excitement, followed by disappointment and, finally, disillusionment! Rebellious reactions should be crushed by the arrival of Han Solo and Chewbacca combiners complete with electronic lights and sounds!

Signature window-box design.


Heroic Han.

Cool Chewie.

If this isn't a very, very cool collectible then I don't know what is! Hasbro why didn't you employ me?

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  1. Johnny, are you jealous of me or Mariah lol? I couldn't figure it out. Anyway, you have a lot of blogs. Where do you find the time to manage all three sites? Let me know baby.


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