Friday 15 February 2008

That "flat" feeling

Last Friday I collected, following a 6 month wait, my new Ford C-MAX Titanium Sports! The delay was well worth it! Ford of Europe had ceased C-MAX production, midyear, to introduce a redesigned/re-engineered model boasting Ford of Europe's lauded "Kinetic design" philosophy coupled with subsidiary Volvo's world-renowned safety features! The build quality and road handling are exceptional! And, with a 2.0 engine, the C-MAX is no slouch!

Fast forward one week. This morning a sheered bolt punctured the front passenger-side tyre as I drove behind Lloyds TSB Bank! Nursed the car to the dealership only to discover that they couldn't replace the tyre (due to contractual reasons)!

I was referred to a well-known tyre specialist and, because the car is so new (requiring a specialist sports tyre), they didn't have a replacement in stock! Hopefully a new tyre will be delivered on Monday by the tyre company's mobile unit...

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