Monday 7 April 2008

The Cutest Bounty

This afternoon, thanks to mimoco and UPS, I took delivery of a mimobot Boba Fett: Star Wars' most celebrated Bounty Hunter! What an adorable prize for one lucky reader, eh?

Boba Fett mimobot

If you haven't already entered to win this cool collectible, limited to only 5000, simply post a comment on my Boba Fett 'give-away' contest post! You've got until April 30th 2008. Good luck.


  1. I absolutely love these - we've had all sorts of different moulds in stock and they ALL rawk. *Jealous Sigh!*

  2. They're awesome aren't they! I don't want to part with Boba Fett now! However, one lucky reader will win this cool prize!

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