Thursday 8 October 2009

Grand Monster Slam

Guest post by John Rivers

Why start a blog about monsters? It's a question I found myself coming back to as I was setting up Godzilla Eats Diss! over and over again. There are hundreds of genre blogs on the net, but it occurred to me that in recent times much of what we associate with 'monsters' in both horror and sci-fi had actually been referring to Zombies and Vampires.

Now Twilight, Zombieland, Shaun of the Dead, True Blood et al are all fine in their own right, but both zombies and vampires rely on the notion of human modification and very often flirt with that middle-ground between human and inhuman. What about the creatures that weren't human, that were so utterly inhuman they helped define mankind by what it wasn't? This got me thinking. Two recent movies had brought monsters back to the cinema in a big way - Cloverfield and The Host, not to mention the relaunch of Doctor Who, which returned aliens and creatures back into the world of genre, outside the bipeds creatures frequently seen on Stargate or even the new look Cylons from Battlestar.

With this in mind I decided to set up a blog for those of us who loved monsters. Whether it's the giant ants in the New Mexico desert in Them! Godzilla (and many others) attacking Tokyo, the thing chasing Kirk down the frozen wastes of Delta Vega in the new Star Trek, the Alien Queen engaging Ripley in hand-to-hand combat or the Slitheen planning another intergalactic war for profit in Doctor Who then this is the site for you!

We aim to cover as much as we can, from the genius of legends like Ray Harryhausen to the straight-to-DVD crap that plagues the late-night schedules of the Sci-Fi Channel, we hope that you'll find something to enjoy or at least jump-start a memory or idea on Godzilla Eats Diss!

Also, John doesn't know it yet, but he's going to write for us about the giant monsters in the Star Wars movies, aren't you, John? Unleash the Rancor!

John Rivers is an award-winning digital marketing bod who lives in North London with his cat. A long time movie and TV fan, he writes a rather 'Angry' blog about Doctor Who, while also moderating on Gallifrey Base, the net's biggest Doctor Who forum. In a monster smackdown, he'd be on Gamera's side.

If you would like to submit a guest post, please email.

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