Wednesday 14 October 2009

Is That It? Michael Jackson's so-so swansong!

Michael Jackson's posthumous single "This Is It" premièred Monday, online and on the airwaves, to mixed reaction!

"It's a safe, midtempo pop ballad that features what his fans love: his trademark breathy vocals and confident delivery," says AOL music editor Jessica Robertson. "I don't think it will set the world on fire, because it's missing what fans and critics love most about his songs, which is a strong and powerful groove to carry it."

"It's not bad," says Cori Murray, entertainment director at Essence magazine. "Folks who love him are going to love this. Sometimes with songs like this, you know why it was unreleased, but this sounds like something he could have put on an album."

Personally, I wasn't anticipating a song that would rival Michael Jackson's best work with one-time producer and mentor Quincy Jones! Jackson's creative light began to fade when they parted company, two decades ago, during the recording of the unreleased greatest hits album "Decade" (1989).

"This Is It" harks back to the 1980s when the King of Pop ruled the charts seemingly at will! The vocal performance, which includes backing vocals by the singer's brothers, the Jacksons, is certainly evocative of that era, and it's believed the recording was made during the "Dangerous" (1991) album sessions; Jackson's vocals have changed over the ensuing years, arguably for the worse.

The result is a so-so song and not a final, innovative, flourish...

The single will be released, both online and in bricks and mortar stores, later this month. And will be followed by the "This Is It" soundtrack, which will contain previously released material from Michael Jackson's blockbusting solo career, sequenced to match the movie, and unreleased material. Whether or not it contains any hidden gems remains to be seen! Sony stands to make a mint regardless...

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