Friday 9 November 2012

The force is strong with Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars completes a triumvirate of 2012 releases from Rovio: including Angry Birds Space and Bad Piggies! All essential purchases.

Don't dismiss this latest tie-in as merely a lazy cash cow, and further brand dilution, in the wake of recent developments in the Star Wars galaxy. This isn't beloved characters plugging PC World or Vodafone.

Within seconds of downloading the iOS app from the App Store, the familiar sights and sounds of a galaxy far, far away... enthralled in a way worthy of the original trilogy, which it so lovingly lampoons. So much so I purchased the OS X version, too. £3 well spent.

My childhood self applauds Rovio. This is the stuff of Christmases past. However, iCloud syncing across all devices would be a welcome addition in a future update; I'd like to continue from where I left on my iMac or iOS devices.

This is the best Angry Birds game to date. That is all.

Download Angry Birds Star Wars (iTunes)
Download Angry Birds Star Wars (Mac App Store)

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