Friday 6 November 2020

The Child in LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special

Christmas is coming early for Star Wars fans (myself included). On Thursday Lucasfilm released a trailer for the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special and The Mandalorian and The Child AKA Baby Yoda make an appearance on Life Day.

Here's the official synopsis:

"The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special reunites Rey, Finn, Poe, Chewie, Rose and the droids for a joyous feast on Life Day. Rey sets off on a new adventure with BB-8 to gain a deeper knowledge of the Force. At a mysterious Jedi Temple, she is hurled into a cross-timeline adventure through beloved moments in Star Wars cinematic history, coming into contact with Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Yoda, Obi-Wan and other iconic heroes and villains from all nine Skywalker saga films. But will she make it back in time for the Life Day feast and learn the true meaning of holiday spirit?"

Set after The Rise of Skywalker, Rey sets out with BB-8 to learn more about the Force and meets friends and foes from the entire Skywalker Saga in a festive timey-wimey tale.

The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special arrives on 17th November on Disney+.

Will you be watching this fun homage to the infamous television special from 1978? Let me know in the comments below.

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