Thursday 5 August 2021

Netflix surges ahead of Sky

More people in the UK now subscribe to Netflix than Sky, BT and Virgin Media combined.

Streaming services have been a beneficiary from consumers in lockdown during the ongoing pandemic, and 52% of UK households have taken out a subscription to Netflix.

"TV and online video have proved an important antidote to lockdown life, with people spending a third of their waking hours last year glued to screens for news and entertainment," said Ofcom's group director of strategy and research, Yih-Choung Teh.

"The pandemic undoubtedly turbo-charged viewing to streaming services, with three in five UK homes now signed up. But, with subscriber growth slowing into 2021 and lockdown restrictions easing, the challenge for the likes of Netflix, Amazon and Disney will be to ensure a healthy pipeline of content and keep customers signed up."

I've enjoyed Cobra Kai, For All Mankind, DC's Stargirl and The Mandalorian on Netflix, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ respectively.

Which (if any) streaming services have you subscribed to during the pandemic? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Disney+, I was never going to subscribe to it, but Mandalorian was the pull. I have since watched little on Disney+ and they may see my subscription lapse if I'm not actually using it.

    Which then brings me to why I think Netflix has become the dominant one. Content is king, of course. But also accessibility is a major factor. Sky being reliant on Satellite Dish is constrained in its delivery, whereas Netflix is not. Yet both have oodles of good content. So why has Netflix steamed ahead? I think that is going to be attributable to Delivery method, the Internet, accessible anywhere the Internet can reach by wire, fibre or 4G/5G Broadband.

    1. Excellent points! I would suggest giving Marvel Studios' exclusives a try, if you haven't done so already, on Disney+.


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