Friday 1 April 2022

LEGO Star Wars Diorama series

In time for Star Wars Day, LEGO has announced a new Star Wars Diorama series for adult collectors based on classic scenes from the original trilogy.

“For years we’ve been scratching our heads about how to capture the Death Star trash compactor, an extremely iconic scene, in LEGO bricks,” Michael Lee Stockwell, LEGO Star Wars design manager, tells “But what good is a trash compactor that doesn’t ‘compact’? We needed the function!”

The first wave of sets, comprising the LEGO Star Wars Death Star Trash Compactor, the LEGO Star Wars Death Star Trench Run Diorama, and the LEGO Star Wars Dagobah Jedi Training Diorama, would look great on any fan's bookshelf.

“The Diorama series is really something special, and something we are very excited about,” says Jens Kronvold Frederiksen, LEGO Star Wars design director. “The models are built on a frame. On the frame there is a small, printed plaque with a famous phrase from that particular movie scene. The frame is always the same depth — 20 LEGO modules, which is a perfect size, as it makes it fit on a regular bookshelf. So they’re perfect for display.”

The LEGO Star Wars Diorama series is available from LEGO AU, UK and US (affiliate links).

Will you be adding these LEGO Star Wars Diorama sets to your collection? Which sets would you like to see in the future? Let me know in the comments below.

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