Monday 9 May 2022

Paramount+ is coming to the UK

Paramount+ (formerly CBS All Access) launches with Star Trek: Strange New Worlds this summer in the UK.

The ViacomCBS streaming service enters an increasingly overcrowded space as consumers face a catastrophic cost of living crisis amidst geopolitical turmoil and a global pandemic.

“The addition of Paramount+ to our strong portfolio of free-to-air, pay TV and streaming services will broaden the range of choice available to our audiences in the UK and Ireland”, said Maria Kyriacou, president, Australia, Canada, Israel and UK. “Paramount+ will be a one-stop destination for Paramount’s biggest brands, where fans of all ages can find exclusive original premium content, global hits, and discover a world of favourites from Paramount’s vast catalogue.”

Personally, I only subscribe to Apple TV+, Disney+ and NOW. However, I'll avail myself of the free 7-day trial to watch the exclusive live-action Halo series and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. The latter is the best Star Trek spin-off series in years.

Paramount+ will launch in the UK and Ireland on a range of devices on 22nd June.

Will you be subscribing to Paramount+? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Good news, .. if you live in the countries that get it that soon. For some obscure reason, maybe some time mongering shenanigans by Q, the Germans will have to wait until the end of the year to see this show. By that time, I would anticipate the episodes to be so heavily spoilered and cut into meme filet pieces, that very few people will opt to buy a new subscription just for Strange New Worlds. Unless, that is, they also wish to rewatch cluster-type train wrecks such as Picard and Discovery. I for one, will not buy the subscription just for SNW since I am a bit in boycott mode after Paramount dissed my region now for 2 times in a row.,

    1. It must be infuriating.

    2. I am considering an alliance with the Klingon empire

    3. I hope you've run that past Kirk!


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