Tuesday 19 July 2022

Have you played LEGO Atari today?

Ready player one? Like many video gamers from my generation, I began playing video games during the Atari age after I was gifted a VCS for my 8th birthday.

To celebrate the beloved brand's 50th anniversary, an Atari 2600 joins LEGO Icons.

“The Atari 2600 was one of the most memorable gifts I got as a kid,” LEGO designer Chris McVeigh said in a press statement. “This is why it has been such an incredible experience to bring two icons together, Atari and LEGO, in this awesome set. We hope that building this classic console takes you back to those halcyon days when a handful of pixels meant a world of adventure.”

The nostalgic set also includes a trio of game cartridges based on the classic games Asteroids, Adventure and Centipede, which can be slotted into the LEGO Atari 2600 console, and micro vignettes.

LEGO is certainly knocking it out of the park these days. I thought their Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was fantastic, but this upcoming Atari 2600 set looks incredible.

LEGO Atari 2600 is available from LEGO AU, UK and US (affiliate links).

Will you be adding LEGO Atari 2600 to your collection? What are your favourite memories of playing Atari? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Unfortunately I don't really have any memories with Atari consoles. I've turned one on once but one of my favourite games was Pitfall. I really hope to see a Super NES version of this -- I'd probably get one on day one!

    Part of me wishes it was a functioning Atari 2600 lol.

    1. Loved Pitfall! And I'd join you in the LEGO Store queue for a LEGO SNES!

  2. LEGO continue to produce new sets that insist on separating my money from my wallet. There seems to have been something of a step-change in the company over the past years, with an increasing focus on the adult collector (no complaints here).

    At least it makes it easier for others to find me birthday and Christmas presents ;)

    1. This is true! I'm looking forward to building the LEGO Icons Galaxy Explorer! A nostalgic homage to my all-time favourite set from the late seventies.


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