Saturday 9 July 2022

LEGO Super Mario big boss Bowser

This October, LEGO in partnership with Nintendo is releasing an interactive 12-inch LEGO Super Mario The Mighty Bowser as part of the beloved brick building brand's Sets for Adults.

In the wake of a global pandemic, adults (myself included) have turned to LEGO for nostalgia and mindfulness. It's worth reiterating LEGO was instrumental in my recovery from a life-changing brain injury in childhood.

LEGO Space deserves a special mention in the late seventies, and I'm really looking forward to building the Galaxy Explorer when it goes on sale in August (those LEGO VIP Points will come in handy).

However, I do have a backlog of builds including Forest Hideout, Optimus Prime and T. rex Breakout. But you can never have too much LEGO, eh?

“Bowser is, quite simply, the ultimate boss – and we’re delighted to announce that we’re introducing this oversized version to the LEGO Super Mario adult line for a little added peril,” said Carl Merriam, Senior Designer, LEGO Super Mario. “Since we launched LEGO Super Mario two years ago, we’ve been on such a journey – gradually expanding with the most iconic and recognizable characters of the LEGO Super Mario universe.

The nearly 3000-piece set is mighty in every sense and a must-have for LEGO and Nintendo fans (myself included) this holiday season.

“Adding LEGO Super Mario The Mighty Bowser really is a blast from the past for many Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOLs). He might be the big boss, but he still brings back a warm feeling of nostalgia to adult Super Mario fans worldwide. Just as defeating Bowser was always the ultimate challenge in the Super Mario games, here we’re challenging fans to build the King of the Koopas from nearly 3,000 pieces. We know they’re up to the task and will be chomping at the bit to get their hands on this great new addition to the Super Mario line.”

LEGO Super Mario The Mighty Bowser is available from LEGO AU, UK and US (affiliate links).

Will you be adding LEGO Super Mario The Mighty Bowser to your collection? Let me know in the comments below.

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