Wednesday 7 February 2024

Hasbro celebrates Transformers 40th anniversary

On Tuesday, Hasbro announced its plans to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Transformers.

"For 40 years, the TRANSFORMERS franchise has continuously adapted and redefined itself, culminating in one legacy across generations through innovative products, captivating entertainment, inspiring licensed partnerships, and engaging publishing projects."

Highlights include 40th anniversary toys from Hasbro, the Generation 1 (G1) soundtrack on vinyl and digital with additional music, trading cards from Dynamite, new products from Funko, Robosen, Super7 and more.

"Beloved since its inception in 1984, TRANSFORMERS has evolved from an innovative toy line into a powerhouse franchise embraced by millions of fans around the world,” said Alyse D’Antuono, Vice President, Global Franchise Strategy & Management, Action Brands, Hasbro. “The past four decades continuously delivered a ... More Than Meets The Eye experience for fans by introducing new toys and games, as well as thrilling storytelling in animated shows, comics, blockbuster films and much more. As we build the next chapter in the TRANSFORMERS universe, we look forward to celebrating one legacy for another 40 years.”

Hasbro Pulse recently revealed the next Transformers HasLab of powerful proportions. Transformers: Legacy Robots in Disguise 2001 Omega Prime, which needs 10,000 backers by 15th March to go into production.

"When you have a franchise that goes 40 years in this business, it's pretty remarkable," said TRANSFORMERS voice-over talent and original voice of Megatron, Frank Welker, "to watch the franchise just build and build and build it is amazing to watch." Added fellow voice cast member and original voice of Optimus Prime, Peter Cullen, "I've always had the feeling this was going to go a long time."

As longtime readers know, I've been a fan of the Transformers since 1984. The war between the heroic Autobots and evil Decepticons captured my childhood imagination in the pages of Marvel UK's comic. One of my favourite Transformers, Shockwave, was never officially released in the UK. However, I had Galactic Man, which was licensed by Tandy from ToyCo. So, I'm looking forward to pre-ordering Shockwave based on an iconic Marvel Comics cover.

How are you celebrating the 40th anniversary of Transformers? Are you backing the Transformers HasLab? Let me know in the comments below.

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