Wednesday 20 July 2005

Hand In My Pocket

The success of the iTunes listing has eclipsed my very modest ambitions. Such alacrity of subscriber response (Mac and PC) is flattering and nerve wracking too. Following this I've added a Subscribe Via iTunes link to the sidebar and really welcome the support. Thank you.

A couple of weeks ago Odeo, which is from the creator of Blogger and currently in beta, automatically listed this blog. As a result I had to register and 'claim' ownership. Looks like a compelling new service. You can download Odeo Syncr here.

As a longtime fan of Alanis Morissette I cannot recommend Jagged Little Pill Acoustic (a Starbucks tie-in) highly enough! Her performance chills and that doesn't happen too often! A bit of indulgent Dawson Creek trivia. The producers originally wanted Hand In My Pocket for the opening titles, but Maverick Records were reluctant to grant permission. OK, it's a great song but Paula Cole's I Don't Want To Wait was on the money and captured the zeitgeist.

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