Saturday 23 July 2005

Hayle & Herbie Goes Bananarama

Ventured into Hayle today. Our usual 2 hour drive from Exeter was extended to a 4 hour crawl. School children are now on their six week summer holiday and this is the busiest weekend before the August Bank Holiday! Took a detour, discovered a charming vista in the secluded Colliford Lake. Drove down to Hayle harbor and ate my first genuine Cornish Pasty in years! Philps Bakery's notion of 'medium' equates to 'extra large'. So, there'll be no need to eat for the next fortnight.

Have you heard Long Hot Summer from Girls Aloud? This track is taken from the forthcoming movie Herbie: Fully Loaded (2005). It elicits favorable comparison with Bananarama's Wow! recording sessions (1987). Another infectious tune from this group's superior pop canon.

In the mood for a slice of Sega arcade nostalgia infused with the Love Bug? How about Up'n Down (1983)! In 1985 the Commodore 64 8-bit conversion from US Gold was a show-stopper for invidious ZX Spectrum-owning friends. Beguiling rainbow bright isometrics and the Sound Interface Device (SID).

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