Tuesday 8 November 2005

Full Throttle

Bloggers the world over are starting to post their holiday lists for 2005!

1). I only ever owned a Paris to Dakar Rally Range Rover R/C and this year's collectible line has been dominated by Masters of the Universe. When I learnt that, Mattel subsidiary, Tyco RC had released a giant Monster Jam truck, it went straight to the top!

*Working suspension
*Air tires
*Authentic, detailed decoration
*Forward, reverse, left and right turn functions
*Requires a 9-volt battery for the remote (not included)
*Includes a 6-volt NiCd battery and charger for the truck

The 12" R/C Dalek from Character Options didn't qualify as it's already on pre-order (shipping in December)! And the 1:6 (Batman Begins) Batmobile is off the list due to poor reviews.

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