Sunday 13 November 2005

Hang On

Yesterday I met an Aunt and cousin in town. Whilst loading the car we witnessed another driver reverse into a row of parked motorcycles - knocking them all over accompanied by a resounding "crunch!" Clearly most, if not all, the bikes had sustained some degree of damage. However, the driver sped away before onlookers could stop her! A testament to the self absorbed society that we live in; one where accountability is a rare commodity! Call the lawyers...

I won't be one of the elite gamers opening an Xbox 360 under the tree this holiday. But, I'm impressed by the new console's backwards compatibility - the software emulator (updates can be downloaded for free and burned to CD - surely a boon for hackers?) supports an impressive 200 games and anti-aliasing for a smoother image.

Knowing that this blog has an avid readership combined with Podcast subscribers is most flattering. Glad I made your day Jim and thanks.

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