Friday 2 October 2020

Apple TV+ coming to Xbox and PlayStation

With just over a month to go until the next-gen consoles arrive, reports suggest Apple TV+ is heading to Xbox and PlayStation in the very near future.

Selected Xbox Insider Program members are purportedly testing a trial version of the app, which could be released in time for 10th November. If so, all current and next-gen Xbox systems will be compatible, and the Series S will make my Apple TV 4K redundant in the bedroom.

Well, assuming BritBox gets its app onto both console platforms this holiday season. This autumn I've started rewatching Blake's 7 and have no memory of seeing the early episodes until the one with a giant brain encased inside a Death Star-like planetoid! I was recovering from a brain injury when Terry Nation's sci-fi series started, weeks before Star Wars screened at the local Odeon. I digress.

Similarly, it appears selected users are testing an Apple TV+ app for PlayStation. And there's a suggestion AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support is coming, too. This can only be seen as consumer-friendly despite the ongoing spat over Game Pass and Epic Games' Fortnite on the Cupertino-based company's devices.


  1. As I’ve told you in the past, I went all in with the Apple ecosystem and when I stopped buying physical media, iTunes/Apple was my movie and tv series platform of choice.

    Apple sent me a survey last week about my Apple TV 4K usage which included questions about streaming along with asking about other equipment (games consoles) that I have at my disposal.

    With over 400 movies purchased (most at £5 or less when there’s a sale), having access to this library on more platforms is something I’ve always wanted.

    Great news and great for consumers as you say.

    1. It'll be great to have Apple TV+ on my Xbox One X in the living room.


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