Saturday 13 March 2021

Hasbro Pulse launches in the UK

Hasbro Pulse, the Pawtucket-based company's direct-to-consumer platform, officially launched in the UK this week.

Toy collectors will be able to order exclusives from Ghostbusters, Marvel Legends, Power Rangers, Star Wars, Transformers and more beloved brands.

"We are proud to bring Hasbro Pulse to the engaged and vibrant UK audience," says Eric Nyman, Hasbro Chief Consumer Officer. "The passion for Hasbro's brands and immersive experiences spans the globe. We are thrilled to make our offerings accessible to our fans in the UK beginning today and are working to open up the Hasbro Pulse opportunity in other markets worldwide."

As an only child recovering from a life-changing head injury, necessitating years of outpatient rehabilitation, toys were an obsession.

During the pandemic, I've rekindled a childhood passion for toy photography and immediately signed-up for Hasbro Pulse Premium, which is currently half-price until the end of March.

Excited about getting exclusives direct from Hasbro Pulse? Let me know in the comments below.

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