Tuesday 19 April 2005

The Dark Knight Returns

Happy Birthday to Hayden Christensen. Only a month to Revenge of the Sith and to bridge the gap I've been watching Fan Films on TFN. Although mostly enjoyable, the majority of the spirited productions would benefit from judicious editing! Revelations suffers from overblown CGI and stilted performances that should have been cut around. George Lucas is always quoted as an advocate of the art of rapid cutting, I'd like to see a Fan Film subscribe to that notion.

Ironically, and I'm not going to engage in prevarication, it is the unofficial use of the Batman license that most impresses on TFN! Grayson, World's Finest and Batman Dead End combine superlative production values with taut direction. Really reminds me of when Michael and I submitted our teaser trailer for Terminator: The Series (1989). I must investigate whether or not that 'hidden gem' can be transferred from VHS, digitally restored and remastered for online distribution. The 'difficult' part will be capturing the raw data from VHS (using a DV camcorder) and the rest will be a piece of cake.

The third teaser poster for Batman Begins elegantly encapsulates gothic grandeur and vampiric myth. Sepia cool.

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