Monday 18 April 2005

Good Vibrations

Friday's arrival of 10.3.9 moved my DVD archive forward by a fortnight! The update's unsung headliner is Safari 1.3 showcasing new versions of WebKit, WebCore, and JavaScriptCore. This is a welcome primer for 10.4 (already in Amazon UK's sales rank top 10).

Walking along the aisles of Exeter's Woolworths store, Ashley and I literally stumbled upon Revenge of the Sith merchandise (boxed lightsabers were strewn across the floor). An inauspicious debut without the aid of point-of-sale displays (there were none in-store). Woolworths is a far cry from Wal-Mart. Hasbro's new Force Battlers compare very favorably with Mattel's Classic Masters of the Universe range. I had to purchase a 7" Darth Vader. Rarity collectors may want to shop at Epic Heroes.

How long can Quark survive against the combined might of the Adobe/Macromedia Empire - not that Quark has many Mac fans these days? I won't be sad to see the company go the way of the Dodo! I'll join the long queue for a copy of InDesign CS.

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