Sunday 20 July 2014

Destiny Beta brings Bungie's brilliance to the fore

The Destiny Beta coincided with my dad's 72nd birthday and topped off a wonderful day! Once the 10GB download had finished that is.

Last month I got to play the Destiny Alpha and couldn't stop thinking how beautiful the game looked. Clearly developer Bungie has tweaked the graphical fidelity for the Beta build and it's even more gorgeous to look at with exceptional detail and contrast. Lavish visuals underpinned by a sumptuous soundtrack that compares favourably with Halo, Mass Effect and TRON: Legacy.

This feels and plays like a finished game. Seriously. The Beta literally thrusts the player into the beginning of the main campaign and sets up its enigmatic premise, which I won't spoil for readers who wish to wait for the final release this September.

Ride a Sparrow and recreate the Speeder Bike chase from Return of the Jedi!

Peter Dinklage's Ghost no longer breaks suspension of disbelief and his performance is as assured as Game of Thrones.

The Destiny Beta has impressed me so much I've cancelled most (if not all) of my pre-orders during the upcoming holiday season and can't wait to unbox the Limited Edition on day-one! Only August's The Last of Us Remastered and Bungie's Halo: The Master Chief Collection have survived the cull.

Bungie's latest may also be its greatest. Now it's simply a matter of waiting, impatiently, for September...

Have you played the Beta? Let me know in the comments below.

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