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Wednesday, 28 December 2022

Classic FM interviews John Williams

It's Betwixmas! So, as I watch festive fare on a new Sony BRAVIA XR Master Series OLED, my first Sony television in twenty years, I thought I'd share this exclusive Classic FM interview with legendary Hollywood composer John Williams (Star Wars) from last summer.

Whilst Williams has announced he's retiring from composing movie music after Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, he would love to compose music for the James Bond franchise.

Williams' lost soundtrack for SpaceCamp was our inaugural Star Tracks feature reviewed by Nick Smith.

What's your favourite John Williams soundtrack from Harry Potter to Star Wars? Is it possible to choose? Let me know in the comments below.

Wednesday, 5 October 2022

60 years of James Bond

“Bond… James Bond!” Today is the 60th anniversary of Dr. No. For over six decades, there have been 25 official James Bond movies starring Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and most recently Daniel Craig who bowed out in No Time To Die.

Growing up in the seventies and eighties, Roger Moore was my James Bond, much like Tom Baker was my Doctor Who. Mum and dad took me to see Moonraker in the wake of Star Wars and I was hooked. Hooked on collecting licensed Corgi toys, too.

A few years later, I watched On Her Majesty's Secret Service (OHMSS) on ITV as I played with Action Man and Action Force toys following a hospital outpatient appointment. Lazenby's one and only appearance as the titular spy became my favourite instalment in the beloved franchise. A hero's journey with a tragic twist.

Like many fans, a lifelong love of gadgets was sparked by the adventures of 007. Incidentally, the Walther P38, used in From Russia with Love and Goldfinger, was Decepticon leader Megatron's alt mode in Transformers: Generation 1.

British composer John Barry's soundtracks still leave me shaken and stirred on car journeys. Sorry, not sorry.

Who is your favourite James Bond? Let me know in the comments below.

Monday, 11 April 2022

James Bond on Amazon Prime

What Easter bank holiday weekend would be complete without James Bond? A point proven when my tweet was read out live on air on Scala Radio last Easter. This tradition began on ITV when I was knee-high to a grasshopper playing with Action Man toys.

Following Amazon's $8.45 billion buyout of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM). Amazon Prime subscribers (myself included) can watch the beloved British spy franchise for a limited time from Good Friday.

“MGM has a nearly century-long legacy of producing exceptional entertainment, and we share their commitment to delivering a broad slate of original films and television shows to a global audience,” said Mike Hopkins, senior vice president of Prime Video and Amazon Studios.

“We welcome MGM employees, creators, and talent to Prime Video and Amazon Studios, and we look forward to working together to create even more opportunities to deliver quality storytelling to our customers.”

Prime Video will host all 25 James Bond movies:

Dr. No
From Russia With Love
You Only Live Twice
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
Diamonds Are Forever
Live And Let Die
The Man With The Golden Gun
The Spy Who Loved Me
For Your Eyes Only
A View To A Kill
The Living Daylights
Licence To Kill
Tomorrow Never Dies
The World Is Not Enough
Die Another Day
Casino Royale
Quantum Of Solace
No Time To Die

This coincides with 60 years of Bond on the big screen culminating in James Bond Day on 5th October.

I'll finally see No Time To Die (affiliate link) this Good Friday.

Will you be watching James Bond this Easter on Amazon Prime? Let me know in the comments below.

Monday, 4 October 2021

Bond surpasses Skywalker

No Time To Die, Daniel Craig's pandemic-delayed final outing as James Bond, has opened in more UK cinemas than Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

The previous record-holder opened in 744 cinemas in December 2019. Bond surpassed Skywalker with 772 cinemas during its record-breaking opening weekend.

Have you seen No Time To Die? Let me know in the comments below.

Thursday, 2 September 2021

Being James Bond only on Apple TV+

Amazon is in the process of buying Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) for $8.45 billion and adding the James Bond film franchise to Amazon Prime Video.

Ahead of the release of No Time To Die in cinemas, MGM and Apple TV+ have announced an exclusive retrospective documentary chronicling Daniel Craig's tenure as Ian Fleming's James Bond. Presumably, this deal was inked before the movie's various delays due to the ongoing pandemic and Amazon's proposed takeover of MGM, which is expected to conclude by the end of the year.

Being James Bond: The Daniel Craig Story.

“The 45-minute retrospective features Daniel Craig reflecting on his 15 years playing Bond, with never-before-seen archival footage from his oeuvre and conversations with 07 producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli. It will be available for free to Apple TV customers in over 30 countries and regions from September 7 through October 7. No Time To Die, Craig's last outing as Bond, will be released in theaters on Sept. 30 in the U.K. through Universal Pictures International and in the U.S. on Oct. 8 through MGM via United Artists Releasing.”

“A lot of people here have worked on five pictures with me,” Craig tells Wilson and Broccoli in the film. “I’ve loved every single second of these movies, and especially this one because I’ve got up every morning and I’ve had the chance to work with you guys, and that has been one of the greatest honours of my life.”

“Daniel has just taken this, the character, the series, the whole thing, to a place that is so… extraordinary. And so emotionally satisfying,” Broccoli says.

“It’s also emotionally tough being Daniel’s last one. It’s tough on Barbara, it’s tough on me,” adds Wilson.

A final trailer for No Time To Die has also been released. It zeroes in on the premise that Bond is obsolete in an era of 24/7 cyber threats.

Read the official synopsis for No Time To Die:

"In No Time To Die, Bond has left active service and is enjoying a tranquil life in Jamaica. His peace is short-lived when his old friend Felix Leiter from the CIA turns up asking for help. The mission to rescue a kidnapped scientist turns out to be far more treacherous than expected, leading Bond onto the trail of a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology."

If Craig's final outing as Bond equals Casino Royale and Skyfall, fans (myself included) are in for an early treat this holiday season.

Product placement has always been a cornerstone (sometimes to its detriment) of the franchise. I recently discovered Craig reportedly spurned a $50 million deal that would have seen James Bond using a Samsung phone (in Spectre) because the actor did not consider it good enough for 007! One would hope the super-spy would favour an iPhone.

Being James Bond debuts exclusively on Apple TV+ on 7th September. No Time To Die is in cinemas on 30th September.

Sunday, 27 June 2021

Dune pushed back by Bond

Contrary to earlier rumours, Dune, directed by Denis Villeneuve (Blade Runner 2049), delayed from last Christmas due to the pandemic, will premiere day-and-date on HBO Max and in theatres this October.

According to insiders, Dune has been pushed back three weeks to avoid clashing with No Time To Die at the box office. The latest James Bond movie is expected to do well as it sees Daniel Craig exit as the titular spy.

Dune will have its world premiere at the 78th Venice International Film Festival on 3rd September before being released in cinemas and on HBO Max on October 22nd.

Are you looking forward to Dune? Let me know in the comments below.

Thursday, 27 May 2021

Amazon buys James Bond studio MGM

The name's Prime, Amazon Prime. Amazon has bought Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) bringing James Bond to Amazon Prime.

“The real financial value behind this deal is the treasure trove of [intellectual property] in the deep catalog that we plan to reimagine and develop together with MGM’s talented team,” Mike Hopkins, senior VP of Prime Video and Amazon Studios, said in announcing the deal. “It’s very exciting and provides so many opportunities for high-quality storytelling.”

Once the $8.45 billion takeover deal is completed by the end of the year, MGM will continue to operate as a brand label within the Amazon company.

Kevin Ulrich, MGM’s chairman, said in a statement, “I am very proud that MGM’s Lion, which has long evoked the Golden Age of Hollywood, will continue its storied history, and the idea born from the creation of United Artists lives on in a way the founders originally intended, driven by the talent and their vision. The opportunity to align MGM’s storied history with Amazon is an inspiring combination.”

This isn't expected to have any material impact on the distribution of No Time To Die as Eon Productions, owned by the Broccoli family, has a significant say. However, the future of the James Bond franchise could be very different.

No Time To Die, Daniel Craig's delayed final outing as James Bond, is in cinemas this October.

Saturday, 22 May 2021

Amazon's bid for James Bond studio MGM

Amazon has reportedly bid $9 billion for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), which would give the tech titan access to the entire James Bond back catalogue for Amazon Prime in its battle with Disney+, HBO Max, Netflix and more.

This means ITV may lose out. James Bond has become synonymous with rainy bank holidays in the UK and Scala Radio read out my tweet to that effect during an hour dedicated to the music of the eponymous spy. A mid-nineties rerun of Moonraker, on ITV, rekindled my James Bond fandom during the franchise's hiatus between Licence to Kill and GoldenEye.

No Time To Die, Daniel Craig's swansong in the titular role, has been delayed due to the pandemic and is expected in theatres this October after rumours it may stream exclusively on Apple TV+.

Would you miss James Bond on ITV in an era of non-linear, self-curated content? Let me know in the comments below.

Sunday, 24 January 2021

Pandemic pushes back No Time To Die

It's fair to say a lifelong love of fast cars and gadgets was influenced by the James Bond franchise and its merchandise. So much so, the iconic Aston Martin DB5 inspired over 2 decades of silver car ownership beginning with a Rover 200 in the late nineties. In 2011, I was featured in both BMW and Motability magazines with my 1 Series Coupé M Sport.

The status quo ended with an eyecatching Misano Blue BMW 1 Series M Sport (nicknamed TARDIS hot wheels), collected the week before the first coronavirus lockdown last March. Listening to John Barry and David Arnold's soundtracks enlivened weekly essential shopping trips to Aldi in the 'new normal'.

However, Andrew Lewin cautioned such a scenario could lead to 'exuberant' driving. I cannot confirm if this is true, but I have been channelling a socially distanced Bond when talking to admirers of my latest car.

Like most Bond fans, I've waited patiently for Daniel Craig's swansong in the titular role. No Time To Die has been pushed back, again, until October and at this stage in the pandemic, I wish there was an opportunity to watch at home in lockdown. Disney released Pixar's Soul on Disney+ and Warner Bros. followed suit with Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max.

There are persistent rumours No Time To Die may appear on Apple TV+. The Cupertino-based tech giant has the cash to spare ahead of an expected record-breaking $100 billion quarter.

Even when theatres can safely reopen, many cinemagoers (myself included) will be reluctant to return. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Tuesday, 6 October 2020

The Batman moved to March 2022

James Bond and Batman have been pushed back to 2021 and 2022 respectively as the coronavirus pandemic continues, and politicians around the world grapple with wealth and health as local lockdowns become an integral part of the 'new normal'.

This week, Cineworld announced the indefinite closure of its cinemas (including The Picturehouse) as news broke James Bond: No Time To Die was pushed from November to April 2021. It's worth noting the chain embarked on an ambitious expansion pre-COVID. This will make many more people redundant during a deep and prolonged recession presided over by opportunistic right-wing governments espousing retraining amidst mixed messaging.

There's no fast fix. The creative arts remain under increased threat and I know many friends whose mental health will be negatively impacted - due to shielding and ideological reasons, I will not visit a cinema until if/when there is a vaccine.

Cinema played an integral role in my rehabilitation beginning with George Lucas' space opera, at The Odeon Exeter, with my late mum. Miss the sanctuary of a darkened theatre with friends and family. Thankful for memories of a dark detective and an archaeologist.

Alongside The Batman, Warner Bros. has reshuffled Dune from December to October 2021. Wonder Woman 1984 remains scheduled for this December. However, given there may be no cinemas open to show it...

Saturday, 12 September 2020

The Avengers on BritBox

In a poignant twist, The Avengers returned to BritBox on Thursday, following an accidental launch in August (highlighted by John Rivers) before being quickly removed, when the sad news of Dame Diana Rigg's passing aged 82, due to cancer, was announced.

The beloved actress, who starred in Doctor Who, Game of Thrones and most recently All Creatures Great and Small, may have been an Avenger first, but she'll always be the best Bond girl to me!

The Avengers (1961)

The two complete surviving episodes of the first season, plus the iconic Emma Peel & Tara King seasons of the series starring Patrick MacNee, Diana Rigg & Linda Thorson as the incorrigible secret agents extraordinaire. Together they defeat criminal masterminds and solve unfathomable mysteries in the original cult TV classic.

BritBox, the streaming service co-owned by the BBC and commercial broadcaster ITV, continues to expand its cult collection and I'll be posting more news soon.

Friday, 4 September 2020

007's all guns blazing in No Time To Die

Daniel Craig returns as James Bond for the final time this November.

No Time To Die was pushed back from April due to the coronavirus pandemic. The latest trailer is electrifying and teases a fitting end for Craig's Bond who's debut gifted fans (myself included) one of the franchise's greatest instalments of all time, Casino Royale. It's worth noting, GoldenEye, also directed by Martin Campbell, brought this fan out of the cold in 1995.

Will No Time To Die be enough to entice cinemagoers back this holiday season? Let me know in the comments below.

Friday, 28 August 2020

Timey-wimey Tenet

As things stand, my big screen adventures are bookended by Star Wars movies. Due to personal circumstances this won't change for the foreseeable future and streaming services will be my goto. Continuing with Disney's live-action Mulan on Disney+ next month.

Following the easing of lockdown, cinemagoers are cautiously beginning to return to multiplexes and independent cinemas, and director Christopher Nolan's latest epic, Tenet, maybe the catalyst the film industry needs in the 'new normal'.

Paul Moxham, our resident film critic, editor and cameraman, discovers a brave new world at his local Vue Cinema.

Guest post by Paul Moxham

I’m just back from the cinema. Such a simple sentence, but one most people haven’t uttered in months. I watched Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. Another sentence I didn’t believe I would be saying in 2020 after the events of the past six months.

Firstly, the actual nuts and bolts of going to watch a movie in today’s world; pre-booking, keeping left, sanitising and mask-wearing. It feels a bit strange I’ll admit, and there’s something of a trial and error situation when combining mask and glasses so as not to watch the whole film through a fog. But when the lights went down and I could feel the bass of the subwoofers vibrate through my seat, the only thought going through my head was “Oh how I have missed this!”

Tenet carries the hopes of an entire industry on its shoulders. If a highly-anticipated Nolan film can’t tempt people back into auditoriums during a global pandemic what chance does anything else have? The film feels like it was made precisely for this task; it is the very definition of the big screen experience. From the concept, to the set pieces, the music, it bellows “This is cinema, and there’s nothing else like it!”

To explain the plot would both spoil things, and assume I know more than I do. Let’s just go with, a secret agent is shown another side of life he never knew existed, and must utilise it in order to prevent complete global annihilation. Does that sound similar to the synopsis of every James Bond film you’ve ever seen? That’s because this is a Bond film according to Christopher Nolan. Every fan wishes he’d make one, only a traditional 007 adventure is too constraining, too riddled with cliche, too shackled to fan service to be truly original. This is high espionage with the very rules of physics bent out of shape. Tenet is the product of uncompromising vision and dedication, the director demonstrating a level of confidence and control that is truly mind-blowing. Just planning something like this must add years to one’s life. But just like the lead character, we are encouraged to look at things in a different way and it is as exhilarating and rewarding as promised.

John David Washington is the coolest guy in the room as The Protagonist, confident and reactive with swagger to spare. Like Neo from The Matrix but with less of the wide eyes, and more of the tools required long ago hardwired into his brain. Rakish British intelligence operative Robert Pattinson and Elizabeth Debicki, so brilliant in Widows, provide excellent support. And whilst Kenneth Branagh brings his Russian accent from Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit; he is otherwise marvellous.

The story is simple, but the execution complex; near the beginning of the film, when explaining the mechanics of an object a character tells The Protagonist, “Don’t try to understand it.” I found myself recalling that a few times further down the line, and things felt much better when I considered that that’s what rewatches are for. The film is as gorgeous and glossy as you’d expect from the man behind Inception, the cinematography and soundtrack especially complimenting the themes. And it is Inception that this film cuts closest to, with its high stakes arena, wonderful set pieces and cool approach to character interaction. That’s not to say that Nolan’s films are emotionally barren, but they do cast a more clinical eye over those connections than most.

If there are quibbles to be had they are minor and familiar; the main problem being cranking the soundtrack and effects to kidney-quivering levels whilst leaving the dialogue to be reduced to all but a mumble at times. And in a film where every detail counts, critical information was lost because I simply couldn’t hear what was being said. And it could be argued that Nolan explores these themes and ideas in different guises often throughout his filmography. For me, that’s the true nature of an auteur and why I keep returning to his work with a huge sense of excitement and wonder.

I couldn’t have picked a better film for my return to the silver screen. If this is anything to go by, I can’t wait to go back. Maybe I already have?

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Spider-Man's future in the MCU at an end?

Marvel's late nineties movie deal with Sony, literally, culminated in handing over the golden goose (for peanuts) such was the comic book company's dire fiscal state at the time.

Subsequently, Sony built a Spider-Man cinematic franchise that has enjoyed critical and commercial success with Sam Raimi's trilogy, starring Tobey Maguire, and then stymied by a repetitive reboot despite Andrew Garfield's best efforts in the titular role. He was great.

In the meantime. Disney buys Marvel and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), starting innocuously enough with Iron Man during an era of middling superhero fare, becomes a multi-billion dollar industry unto itself. However, the beloved web-slinger was nowhere to be seen and Thanos was coming in search of six infinity stones to power his Infinity Gauntlet.

Enter Captain America: Civil War and Tom Holland's spectacular Spider-Man. I went there. Sorry, not sorry. Finally, Sony and Disney agreed to a 5-picture deal that would see Peter Parker crossover to the Avengers with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige overseeing creative chores. In effect, Marvel was curating Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's beloved superhero and Sony handled distribution. Make Mine Marvel, Sony!

Yesterday, news broke Disney and Sony were at an impasse despite Spider-Man: Far From Home becoming Sony's most successful property eclipsing Skyfall. Because shareholders and money. Reaction from fans was immediate and calls to boycott Sony started trending on social media. This tarnished news from Gamescom that Insomniac Games, long associated with the PlayStation brand, had become a first-party studio in the wake of the success of Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4.

It would be a surprise to everyone (including shareholders, I'm sure) if Disney and Sony don't resolve this amicably. It's in their mutual interest. Sony struggles to manage successful film franchises as evidenced by an ailing James Bond and the House of Mouse has the creative nous.

Disney faced a similar situation with the X-Men at Twentieth Century Fox. CEO Bob Iger bought its film and television assets including Star Wars: A New Hope. Could Disney buy Sony? Sure, its war chest is in the billions of dollars. Will it? Doubtful.

What do you think? Can you see Tom Holland's Spider-Man battling Tom Hardy's Venom in a Sony-only universe? Let me know in the comments below.

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

BBC and HBO adapt His Dark Materials

As the sun sets over Westeros and genre fans look to Westworld, HBO has its sights on a fantastical literary adaptation in conjunction with the BBC. His Dark Materials.

The classic Philip Pullman trilogy was previously adapted for the cinema in The Golden Compass, starring Daniel Craig (James Bond) and Sir Ian McKellen (The Lord of the Rings), but further sequels were abandoned. HBO and the BBC have released a trailer for the upcoming 8-part series.

His Dark Materials looks utterly compelling, but what's happened to the live-action adaptation of The World of the Worlds, BBC? Asking for a friend.

Friday, 8 January 2016

The Force Awakens becomes biggest film ever in UK

Move aside Skyfall. There's a new box office king in town.

After only 22 days of release, the latest installment in the Star Wars saga has passed £100 million at the UK box office and continues its record-breaking ascent.

This during a week that witnessed The Force Awakens surpassing Avatar's domestic box office gross to become the number one movie of all-time in the US. The movie still has some way to go to eclipse James Cameron's sci-fi movie's global tally, but the force has a lot of power...

All eyes are now on China where the new Star Wars movie opens on 9th January.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

James Bond returns in Spectre

Director Sam Mendes (Skyfall) will reprise directorial chores for the upcoming James Bond movie. Spectre.

Spectre - Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion - was the bane of Bond's life in the 1960s and this may mark the return of nemesis Blofeld.

"I've wanted to involve Spectre for many years and Spectre is back," Bond producer Barbara Broccoli said at Thursday's launch event.

Mendes reunites with Daniel Craig, playing the titular character for the fourth time, and adds new cast members including Andrew Scott (Sherlock) and Monica Bellucci (The Matrix Reloaded).

Spectre is scheduled to be released on November 6th, 2015.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Microsoft rebooting Blake's 7 for Xbox LIVE!

Microsoft will be bringing 1970s cult sci-fi television series Blake's 7 back, with Casino Royale director Martin Campbell at the helm, according to the Financial Times!

Series creator Terry Nation (mastermind behind the Daleks) cashed in on the success of Star Wars with a weekly, brightly lit, space opera that ran between 1978 and 1981.

This deal would replace SyFy's proposed remake and mirrors Netflix and LOVEFiLM Instant's move into original programming. Netflix has enjoyed critical success with House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black.

Xbox Entertainment Studios has already announced a live-action Halo series with Steven Spielberg. Blake's 7 may beat it to the punch...

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Skyfall smashes UK box office record in 40 days

Skyfall succeeded where Avengers Assemble, The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises failed: getting me into a multiplex for the first time since David Fincher's remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which coincidentally starred Daniel Craig.

Skyfall is a masterclass in shadow play set against lyrical bombast! Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig pay spectacular homage to a 50-year legacy.

London, 5th December – Eon Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment are delighted to announce that Skyfall has made history in the UK and become the highest grossing film of all time. Skyfall has now taken a staggering £94,277,612 at the UK box office in just 40 days on release, making box office history and overtaking the record previously held by Avatar which had a lifetime gross of £94,025, 632 million during 11 months on release in UK cinemas.

SKYFALL, the 23rd James Bond adventure, continuing the longest running and most successful franchise in film history, opened in 587 cinemas across the UK and Ireland on Friday 26th October, and is still on general release. In response to this fantastic news, producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli said “We’re overwhelmed with gratitude to the cinema-going audiences in the UK who have made Skyfall the highest grossing film of all time. We are very proud of this film and thank everybody, especially Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes, who have contributed to its success.”

“I am incredibly proud of the amazing heights to which this film continues to soar and wish to again congratulate all involved on reaching such a tremendous milestone,” said Gary Barber, Chairman and CEO, MGM.

Peter Taylor, Managing Director, Sony Pictures Releasing UK also commented “We are delighted that cinemagoers have so enthusiastically embraced Skyfall in such an incredible way. It seems particularly fitting in 2012 that the latest James Bond adventure should become the highest grossing movie ever marking the fiftieth anniversary of one of our truly iconic cultural characters in record breaking style.”

Daniel Craig is back as Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007 in SKYFALL™, the 23rd adventure in the longest-running film franchise of all time. In SKYFALL, Bond’s loyalty to M is tested as her past comes back to haunt her. As MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost. The film is from Albert R. Broccoli’s EON Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, and Sony Pictures Entertainment. Directed by Sam Mendes. Produced by Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli. Written by Neal Purvis & Robert Wade and John Logan.

Friday, 5 October 2012

50 years of 007

James Bond turns 50 today and the longest running film franchise in cinema history shows no sign of relenting to silverscreen upstarts! Even Harry Potter and Star Wars ran out of steam...

My Bond fandom began, like so many, watching the films on TV! An irresistible blend of action and romance - at its zenith in On Her Majesty's Secret Service - translated to innumerable car chases with Corgi tie-ins and Action Man firefights! Even Hasbro's Transformers toy line paid homage to the secret agent: Megatron's alternate mode was a Walther PPK. James Bond nurtured a love of fast cars and an aspiration to own one, myself.

There were the teenage years of apathy towards Ian Fleming's creation (Doctor Who and Star Wars suffered, too). I rediscovered Bond during a rerun of Moonraker in the mid 1990s! Suddenly, I was that wide-eyed child, waiting impatiently in the queue, at the Odeon, Exeter; Bond's going into space and I must have that ticket.

I had serious reservations regarding Adele's theme song for Skyfall (David Arnold isn't onboard due to London Olympics 2012)! But, within seconds of hearing the sweeping orchestrations, recalling John Barry's seminal soundtracks from my childhood, I was sold.

Local lads Muse submitted Supremacy, which interpolates familiar Bond motifs, yet Adele's soulfulness wins! What say you dear reader?

The last two decades delivered two brilliant Bond movies; GoldenEye and Casino Royale. After the nihilistic excesses of Quantum of Solace; Skyfall promises a return to form under the auspices of Sam Mendes (American Beauty).

Imagine a remake of On Her Majesty's Secret Service, directed by Christopher Nolan (Batman trilogy), and starring Daniel Craig?