Thursday 24 February 2005

Like A Prayer

Along with yesterday's refreshed iPod hardware, Apple updated the software for all models too. After downloading iPod Updater. Switched my 3G iPod to Disk Mode and ran restore. At the prompt I unplugged and reconnected iPod to the Dock (attached to an external power supply). Rebooted and the flash firmware* upgrade task bar ran smoothly (taking several minutes to complete).

iPod automatically restarted and the new menu screen including Music and Shuffle Songs was present and correct. The battery charge icon has undergone a cosmetic change and there's a new shuffle icon. Initially the LCD screen was faint/flickering (as noted on Apple's Discussions forum), but after a few minutes turned a solid black (once energized).

Apple is to be commended for finally updating the entire iPod range past and present. Version 2.3 (3G) appears to have addressed software stability issues inherent in the maligned 2.2. I'll test the battery life and sound (for improvements) and pause when disconnecting the headphones feature. Will the new firmware introduce unannounced functionality in the near future?

Further to my iTiVo post of only a few days ago. Simmering speculation surrounds a possible TiVo takeover bid from Apple. Given the pedigree of both brands and the Media Centre proof of concept, known as Mac Mini, the smart money suggests that an announcement is imminent (or not).

[*Firmware upgrades are always mission critical and should never be interrupted (read all pertinent documentation and/or follow onscreen instructions). Always connect the device to a dedicated mains power supply as an incomplete firmware write will leave you with 'dead' hardware. Once successful, you cannot revert back to the previous firmware version.]

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