Friday 11 February 2005

Shock & Awe

Today I installed Mac OS X 10.3.8 onto my iMac (G4). The fan is quieter (for less CPU-intensive tasks) and the system appears a little more responsive and smoother than the previous update, which is always welcome. As is best practice I performed backup-to-DVD duties and repaired permissions (a legacy of OS X’s Unix heritage) both before and after (there were changes following the update). Forums report that there are issues for some G5 users - excessive fan activity.

Owners of Macally iShock USB game controllers should remove the driver (if installed). The driver is incompatible with 10.3.8 and causes rapid loss of HDD space. According to Brad Oliver iShock is Plug and Play configurable anyway. I've ordered an iShock II for my huge time suck of a hobby MAME.

Aaron Giles has turned his considerable coding skill towards reworking sound cores in MAME. In the future QSound and multi channel speaker output will be supported. JBL feel the love.

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